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Originally Posted by NickyTooch View Post
SHaq cannot be any worse than Z. So right there is an upgrade, and im not worried about all that anyway. He will still be a force down low and is still better than pretty much every center not named Dwight Howard.

The Celtics lost more of their bench. I'll take Shaq over Rasheed any day. If you think Shaq is done yet you think Rasheed is still a stud....well, I'd have to question your thought process.
You forgetting that the Magic also added Bass. That gives them a bigger front line and it lets Rashard move to the 3 and Vince will be playing the 2...This team got younger with the addition of Bass.

And the Celtics if healthy can still compete. Rasheed is gonna be a solid bench player...He can still defend and he can hit the open 3...He give them some added depth.

Shaq is a slight upgrade, but at this point in his career he isn't gonna take them to the next level like you seem to think.

Originally Posted by NickyTooch View Post
The Brooklyn thing probably won't happen....its this whole pipe dream and its not even appealing.

Like i said before...Madison Square Garden, the so-called mecca of basketball in the heart of midtown or...........Brooklyn.
They already built the stadium. The move is official. At this point it's a matter of when not if.
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