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ChristO crouching tiger
Default t.r.a.a.y.

Tone rules ay’thing around you’z, T.R.A.A.Y.
give tithes to me, pass the collection plate
jealous one envying, man, jose okay
where I’m from the corral’s okay [S.P.]
the gods followed my trail to power hill
2.15 born like I was never killed
’69 redrum, shot up man’s Sun
john the baptist was put in handcuffs
I was baptized in a pool of blood
elevator went down to the 23rd/24th floor
actually, st. agnes delivered me
sent to b. block with adolf hitler, and
started realizing the bul was adam
‘cause the jews was sleeping like you do on sabbath
my views is deeper than the first titanic cruise
school’s in session like it was at landriff, yo...
...[yo, they don’t want it, they want a truce/trues, for real]...
...[church vol. IX]
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