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I ain't under estimating Shaq. I know he'll be a solid Center for about 24 MPG...He'll probably shoot 60% from the field but he's gonna constantly get into foul trouble...He won't be anything special. He does give them a low post presence, but it isn't really anything that amazing and I doubt it's gonna put them over the top. I still think the Magic and Celtics are a better team.

My biggest problem with it is that the Cavs still have no one outside of James who can create their own shot. They're all gonna rely on James to get them the ball. Good defensive teams will still be able to stop the Cavs.

And IDK about the Magic. They have changed the face of the team, but I think going the more traditional route is better. Their Defense will be improved cuz they have Bass at the 4 and that's scary to think because they were already the number one defensive team in the league...VC is still a solid defender when he tries and Lewis is gonna be the weak spot on Defense, but having Howard defending the paint will help him out a lot.

In NY it don't matter where you play. As long as it's in NYC and the team wins it's gonna get a lot of attention.
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