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Turk was huge because Jameer was injured before Jameer got injured Turk was pretty much nowhere to be found. Jameer is back, fuck Turk, I'm glad he's gone. I dont get where everyone gets this Turk was so great, he gave Magic fans a fucking heart attack everytime he drove to the rim decided to yell and just fling the ball up hoping for a foul or times when he would just wait for 15 seconds to shoot up a prayer for a buzzer beater. I'm glad they got rid of him personally. And honestly I feel this years team will be better, Jameer is better than Rafer, Vince is better than Turk, and Lee and Anderson cancel each other out at this point in their careers. They added a PF in Bass (also retained Gortat who will probably be trade bait come December-February) which they needed and word is they'll get an upgrade from Anthony Johnson in CJ Watkins from Golden State as their supposed to sign him to an offer sheet this week, unless Golden State matches.

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