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Jugganaut crouching tiger

Minding my own business, I was admiring the beat
When I heard this kid, Khemical, firing at me
He was an aspiring MC, trying to get this rap shit
Wanted me to judge his rhymes and tell him if it was wackness
I said, "This is practice, but tomorrow's the testing"
Use a #2 pencil and follow the lessons
He didn't follow directions, so I poked him in the eyes
Lead infiltrates the bloodstream, he's jolting as he cries
I'm smoking as he dies, I look at my boys' and them
Looks like another victim of lead poisoning

nw: Bluetooth Headset

Half dead platoon leader but woken by enemy heaters
Jugganaut on the block blast shots at all retreaters - Holocaust

In the melting pot, felt the shot heard 'round the world
We unstoppable like Jugganaut baby girl - Meth

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