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what keeps me from doing One meal a day is cuz when eye eat vegtables thats all eye eat...maybe sum hemp seeds along with it....eye spend all that money for the organic gonna get the maximum out of it...vegtables also will get along in "the party in your stomach" with bean soup....but if fruits crash the party acting all flambouyant your stomach gonna be like "what"...translated certain foods don't mix well in the stomach.....eye have always romantisized about the ideal of one meal a day but it will problably happen when...

a)eye get a juicer
b)eye get in "perfect" health

"i got bean soup cooking right now - already had some raisins and some banana juice - i keeps it simple on a good day -"

bean soup is like crack for knowcheeze...eye can't get enough of bean bean, chick peas...especially in the winter...eye torture bean soup...eye put the raw veggie and sea weed in the hot bowl like....ssssssssss.......eye cut beansoups kneecaps and make it kneel in some stairway piss

"been having some bad days though recently - some IDGAF days - i won't get into detail about what happens on those days - but the results of those days confirms for me that How To Eat To Live is the key to life more abundantly -"

thank Allah for that book...although eye think cows milk should only be drunken only 4 survival as a last option

"and i love cayenne pepper and garlic on dam near everything - i'm studying why i have IDGAF days - so that i can eliminate those out of my life - i'm coming to find out that sweets are a big contributor to this - if i gotta give up sweets altogether.........if i want life more abundantly i gotta give up sweets altogether"

eye don't think eye will ever give up sweets 4 ever....but defineatly for long periods of time...but never will eye give up sweets straight from the hidden and ancient CHina medicinals(originating in so called AFrica) the flavor of SWEET is one of the 5 flavors and either benefits or detriements the stomach depending on what type of sweet tasting food one eats....the obvious detremental is the junk food sweets, but also eating too much vegan health proccessed food sweets.....examples of beneficial sweets are dates, carrot juice(tastes kinda like chocolate milk)

and now these NEW and improved vegan health food junk food products are just getting on point!!!!!....
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