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Default Re: Why the pass for Kanye?

Of the newest artist that have come out in the last 3 years, whose putting tight music out in the mixtapes and radio and videos?

FUck cares if he dresses like a prep, tha man got style thats what that means.

His beats are very recognisible, but they be song tight beats.

Yes RZA started it, and Kanye just follows it into the 2000's keepin that vibe alive.
his songs are very humble and meaningful like a RZA joint, im not making comparisons, but its true.

give the man respect, cause he deserves it. But he needs to leave the ROC, cause hes on a sunken ship, hope his Sophmore album sales double what College Dropout comes out.

Kanye West - Late Registration - August 16, 2006

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