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Default Bluetooth Headset

Hey, you, get off the muthafuckin phone/
we don't take too kindly to strangers where I'm from/
don't you know there's a psycopathic killer about/
He hates handheld technology so I would go now
Shit, He could even be right here watching/
us as we stand, you understand?/
And by handheld technology I even mean that thing in your ear/
mark my motherfuckin words, trust no man seriously/
Not even me, You can die so easily on these streets/
Like 123 and you're gone for good you see? You get it?/
Oh shit man now you're nearly dead already/
They say headsets are hands free well now you got no hands see!/
And while you're on the floor squirming your veins are splurging/
gushing, there's a ten second window for me to open your piehole/
and shove that muthafuckin earpice down your esophagus...
sorry bud!


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