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i think that a love between two people is beautiful, and announcing that to the world through marriage is also beautiful.

"growing up and looking at your parents marriage,
do you think that will factor in the decision of wanting to get married?"

^ I think that when i look around at a lot of peopleís marriages, in and outside of my family, although couples often look happy with each other, the spark does seem to fade for people who have been married for many years. I have never been the type of person to treat girls badly, and even though a lot of my friends think iím a fag for it, i really look forward to falling in love and finding a woman that i want to spend the rest of my life with, but i am scared that the spark will eventually go...and it will turn from a great love for one another, into a situation where it's more like room mates who kiss and fuck sometimes and talk about the most pointless of things. I will definitely try my best once i am married to make sure we always feel that connection that bought us to one another in the first place, and remember how strong our feelings for each other are.

"do you think theres an appropriate "age" to be married?"

^ No, people should marry whenever they want to

"what do you think about arranged marriages?"

^ i think it is disgusting to put two people together, instead of letting them find true love. One of my closest friends is a Muslim, and her mom and dad are the result of an arranged marriage. One day i said to her:

"you know cuz your mom and dad were forced to marry each other, would you say that they are in love or not?"

and she said

"i think they have learnt to love each other over time..."

I think that no-one should have to fall in love with someone 'over time', and it saddens me to think of people in situations where they never got to experience true love for themselves, instead they are just forced to marry, usually to keep wealth within certain families - so these people who arrange marriages are effectively choosing money over the emotions of their son/daughter
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