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in case you losers haven't noticed Chambermusik has got a lot of interviews. 60 Second Assassin, Cappadonna, PR Terrorist, Allah Real, Blu Raspberry (she posts all the time), Allah Real, Timbo King, so for you to hate on them would be silly. who cares who runs the site. yeah Cno is a little cornball and G Clef probably does a little hating on the Rza subtly and probably is a little bitter but nonetheless if you're a wu fan its got everything you want. it has more right now than wu tang corp. who cares who runs the site. im not a fan of cilvaringz but i still enjoy this site. Oh and Poppa Wu is coming this week. I think Poppa Wu is "official." Not to mention u can buy cd's there u can't buy cd's here.
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