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yes it is fam

it started from the mainstream californian eugenics movement among the social, medical, ecomonic & the US goverment elite in the early 20th century which inspired hitler, then morphed into the population control movement amongst the social, ecomonic, US goverment and worldwide medical elite after world war 2, because of the heat eugenics got wit the whole hitler situation

the most recent paper trail of AIDS is first the CIA operation MK NAOMI which was the basis for the the US goverment, the CIA wit the National Instistute Of Health to start the US Special Cancer Virus Program(1962-1978) were they created a virus wit which human beings have no immunity for(as requested by the US military in 1969 in the US Department Of Defense Appropriations for 1970 document from tuesday, july 1st, 1969
called House Resolution 15090 Part 5, page 129, here's a link to it, i have this document in my possession too) by puting animal viruses into the human genome, its outlined in there 1971 logic flowchart(i have in my possession) and 15 progress reports that they released every year from the programs start in 1962 to its end in 1978. Then they would field test it, as outlined in there logic flowchart

they field tested it through the WHO smallpox & the US Center For Disease & Control hepatitis b vaccination programs in the late 70's, early 80s in Africa, the US, Haiti & Brazil

here's a photograph of the virus the US Special Cancer Virus Program was working on they called ESP-1 that looks identical to the AIDS virus
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