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yes it is man made

if you know anything basic about retro-viruses, the way they mutate(like the common cold), if it was man made it would have wiped out the human race a long time ago, people in africa in the villages have been living amongst monkeys for centuries, since the beggining of time, since the bible days, its just basic common sense that a virus like AIDS would have wiped out the planet
a very long time ago

the first mass outbreak of cases started in the cities in the states, like new york, the cities of africa, haiti and brazil at the same time, do the research

there had to be a mass seeding process, thats seeding process was the WHO(World health org)who's smallpox & the US goverment center of disease and control's hepatitis b vaccination program which occured in these area's around the same time

explain the US goverment documents i've linked up top which i also have in my possession(if anyone wants a copy, pm me wit your details)

also explain why theirs a man made nazi icelandic sheep disease called visna in the AIDS dna?
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