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Default Re: rza 4 breakfast (private)

Originally Posted by brahma
nah.. rza taking from god without asking him or thankin him .. that is sin...
abjuration is the word. let god eat first then take the rest.

hm... no matter - this all leads to nothing.. private means- for rza only (or affiliated,ok) so.. if you ainīt the rza ol dirty, queen bee... you not meant.. but okay.. letz "ummm" on ...

fact is... noone else comin for raeīs belly ! noone else talkin bout supreme plans tryin to get shit started with the most high players in the game... no one else can hear what i hear?
truthis... except rae god and me - noone can truly understand whats cookin here! hm.. itīs a question of love and hope ... or massive intelligence
Do we all have to ask god for his premisson before we eat. Having food to eat isn't enough of a judgement that god thinks it's ok for us to eat?...

Can you just freakin' relax? HAHHA what do you want with the man's belly? you planting your seed up in there?... Rae may not eat to your standards but he has people around him that eat well and if he cared about it he'd eat the way he wanted to, it's not gonna be a big surprise and just cause your tellin' him don't mean that he's gonna do it....

And I'd like to questions this: "except rae god and me" So is RZA god here or is he not of mass intelligence?

HAHAHAHA.... that song. What do you hear when you listein to it?... there are other people in the world...

Have fun getting all the shit started with the high players over there from ya computer screen... Your a sweet kid and all for real so I hope you'd look passed the rap game and into the female voice of the music industry.

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