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DrBold241 drunken mastaDrBold241 drunken masta

well presidential elections these days are never about the man campaigning but rather the companies that fund the campaign. that's who's really running the house.
"if i scratch you back, but you don't scratch mine...... gonna rape you for everything you're worth."
out political system is corrupted beyond belief. it's not republican or democrat, it's just what of the two evils do you believe to be the lesser one?

obama could royally butt-fuck us...... but palin..... "that bitch is crazy" seemed to be the general opinion of her, and destroyed any hope mccain had.
Mccain is also on record for saying this is a christian nation........ l0lz
our founding fathers even if religious were still opposed of the church and organized religion. our country was founded on secularism with a right to believe what you want, not on christianity.
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