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Originally Posted by SUNNY WINTERS View Post
if you have nothing valuable to add to the thread - take the advice you gave to everyone here concerning religion
Here you go again, drunk with power.

Dude, you haven't added anything valuable to this thread, so why are you pointing your finger? All you've been doing is taking away from the thread, not adding on.

What, you mad because people are expressing themselves regarding the nation of islam. Look at you trying to get the people to talk the same language lol....then you catch feelings when it doesn't happen. You didn't learn the lesson did you?

You've had plenty of opportunities to show the people the right way, but instead all you could do is post a link to some books.

You had so many opportunities to begin to destroy the negative outlook on the nation of islam, but you don't...maybe you're not the persn of that said ability.

You're not dealing with freedom, justice, or equality.

Originally Posted by SUNNY WINTERS View Post
find a better way to express yourself


Did you find a better way or did somebody find you and show you a better way? Elijah didn't do it by himself, somebody had to show him the way before he showed his followers the way. Fard didn't do it by himself, somebody had to show him the way before he showed his followers the way. Maybe you forget.....the duty of a civilized person and who's responsible for who. Isn't the civilized held responsible for the uncivilized? Which one are you? The civilized or the uncivilized?

So many people caught up in the wisdom or the way something is said they miss what's important. On top of that, you're missing a teaching opportunity. Tell the truth and shame the devil. That said person didn't call any person out of their name or use any racial slurs. He gave his view regarding Islam. Is it wrong because he feels strong and expresses himself with some emotions? Farrakhan does the same thing.....he's not monotone, he speaks with emotion. You're not telling him to find a better way to express himself and his words don't resonate with everybody nor does everybody see him being a respectful person in more ways than one.

There's no need to keep deleting people's post because you don't like the way they express themselves. Everybody should have their own way of expressing themselves. You really need to stop tryiing to force people to speak your language. Last person who tried that wasn't successful and tried to blow up the planet because he didn't get his way.
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