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Originally Posted by Mr. Muhammad View Post
Salaam (Peace) to all.

1) How do ATHEISTS define the term "atheism"?
One who has a disbelief in god as well as an afterlife. Atheists tend to also be modernists.However there is abstract atheism. A Buddhist could also be an atheist, as Buddha is not a god and Buddhism is just a way of life, not a religion per say.
Atheists also refute the possibility of a judgment day. Not speaking for everybody but it seems atheism can be linked to care for human life as the here and now.

2) How would ATHEISTS describe the "God" that they say or suggest doesn't exist?
With all do respect this question is illogical. How is one to describe something they don't believe exists?

3) Do ATHEISTS see themselves as integral, inherent parts of the Universe in which they exist, or as something different from the Universe in which they exist?
It's all one universe, just some choose to reach for the tree of knowledge while others choose to obey their god and are willfully ignorant. Not necessarily ignorant in an insulting sense, but I personally have come across some religious folks who will not even discuss the possibility of there not being an afterlife. I guess that often shows the difference between one who is religious and one who is spiritual.
i can not state this enough- if one is so convinced and contempt with the possibility of a judgment day, they are only enabling it to occur- meaning the genocide of the human species.
which i personally find disturbing.
i live my life knowing that i will die at somepoint but hoping genetically aspects of me may live on. agreeing with an apocalypse occuring is wishing death on the generation that must face it, including your own family.
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