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Default Re: * New drug blocks HIV from entering cells *

Originally Posted by froth
now were cooking with gas
cookin the gas? it was on the NEWS ya know, North East West South, events around the world, ya know that channle on the TV where they have a hot girl talkin about shit she doesnt even know if its true or not or even know what shes saying....

yeh man, they began training doctors how to handle the cure, its gonna take 10 years to have every hospital trained to handle it, and even then its not certain if its gonna be a outrages cost to get it (which it proly would cause, say it with me now people, the world revolves around money) so weather it exists or not isnt the fucking question, the questions are when will it be available and how much? yeh thats right how much would it be to save a human life, thats how greedy people are, and thats how ur infected thoughts which your common sence knows to be true, choses to you belive it or not...

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