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yo, ironarm,do u got a mp3 for that wu-renegades....??

i thought it may be that 1, some1 posted this one months ago in here..

Wu-Renegades (??)

but u seems to be right, this version pretty much seems to be the correct 1.

damn, 4th is a good musician...hopefully him, n truemaster wonīt stop working with the wu related artists....freedom of speach was dope, we need more collab albums in this style, right?!!

Hereīs that Weeping Tiger sample, big props to rza and cilva/raekwon, still bang this tune alot!!

Hereīs a tune sampled for a beat from the "I" dvd.

Cilva, the intro beat is ridicoulus, got such a dope spiritual vibe.
And that gorilla hood, uhhh, that s 1 of ghosts best darts, that beat is a winner....awesome sample!!! props...

keep soul music alifeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

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