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Originally Posted by My Brother's Keeper View Post
it's not about race it's about class warfare... the upper echelon of people who consider themselves to be the cream of the crop will do whatever is necessary to hold down the lower income individuals to manipulate and control the populus... weather its a crackhouse in the hood or a meth house in the trailor park the end result of poverty is still the same (the only thing that changes is the way you vote, dress, and the music you listen to) Poor white people and poor black people have more in common than they would ever imagine however the perception of difference keeps the different races at each other's throats and is just one of many systems of control that keep poor people distracted from the real issues of society and social inequility... racism definately exists but there's no reason for it in this day and age and if it wasn't for the upper class using racism as a tool it could be squashed out in one generation... they will do whatever it takes to remain on top....
Exactly. And it just so happens to be that most of the people in power are whites. It's a shame... it seems as if the most racist people are those who live in poverty, for whatever reason. Unfortunately people cannot see the truth... that's exactly how the government WANTS it to be.
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