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Originally Posted by Mr. Muhammad View Post
So...Satan helped Muhammad spread a religion that CONDEMNS Satan and regards Jesus as "the Messiah"? Is that what you're saying?

If so, then it is clear that you know nothing of Muhammad ...or of JESUS, for that matter.

Read the Quran before you try to judge it...that is, IF you want to be regarded as intelligent.

2 corinthians 11 :14 says - "And no wonder, for Satan himself masquerades as an angel of light".

why are you surprised that I said satan helped muhummad spread islam the bible itself says he can masquerades as an angel of light...satan knows scripture and he knows that in the bible he is already condemed to hell now he is out to take as many people as he can with him ( because he thinks that it will hurt GOD because GOD doesnt want anyone to be lost but disires all men to be saved) so satan is out to wreck GOD`s plan to save all men by dragging as many people down as he can...Now satan has no problem saying jesus is the messiah and spreading a religion that supposedly condems him in islam because he knows that this religion is false and keeping people away from the true religion which is he is actually fufilling his own agenda by spreading the falsehood thats islam (even if it says that jesus is the messiah and it condems satan) because he is keeping people from being saved by christianity ...see he is crafty thats why the bible says he masquerades as an angel of light (meaning he can appear as someone or somthing that is good) why he spreads the so called good religion that is islam he is at the same time keeping people from knowing the truth and being saved by christianity....see how he works.... so dont be surprised that satan can appear to work against himself.

also islam may appear to beleive in jesus but at its core it is contary to the fundementals of the bible (such as the dieing on the cross, commiting jihad, when jesus says turn the other cheek ect..) which are all fundementals of christian beliefs... so the koran can`t be from GOD it must come from an opponent of GOD..because the koran contridicts the bible at many points.

peace be with you !

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