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Trying to shake the rust off...probably been six months since I picked up a pen. I almost didn't even post this bullshit, but I know the criticism will motivate me to write something worthwhile.

I'm calmly armed upon a threatened farm of carnal Meccans/
dented armor on our chest and arms, my army's sergeants sweatin/
tarnished weapons in my palms, they wet and salt infected/
ready for Karmageddon, spreadin souls upon the lawns of heaven/
we invadin the halls erected tall by the spawns of Nephilim/
callin Tibetan monks to find the flaws in their walls' defenses/
warriors crawlin along the fences that's sprawled along wit trenches/
words of the Law scrawled across helmets so all our jaw's protected/
from the weapons of warfare, the cold stare of Medusa's daughter/
hard enough to induce a slaughter wrought upon Zeus's altar/
I caught her on the trade route without a safe scout or guardian/
partyin her brains out, I left her laid out like a devout Rastafarian/
now Anakim have left the Vatican to collect the bounty on my back/
I left County on the run til my soldiers found me cloudy in Iraq/
fled South where the Saudis crowded around me in unbelief/
how I come from thief to satan’s soldier to turnin over a new leaf/
now I’m chief among killers willin to let blood drop for the pack/
poised to attack and die in combat at the simple drop of a hat/
facin Philistines and knockin em back wit half a sack of arrows/
past the narrow halls of Egypt, tracin back to the blackest Pharaohs...
Image is everything except the truth.
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