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Jugganaut crouching tiger

Forensic experts on the scene, adding more drama
Further examinations reveal signs of blunt force trauma
Questioned the boy's mama, since he was a well known thug
She mentioned something about Jugganaut and a whale bone club
His cell phone bugged, led them to his residence
Microbes of splattered blood all in his leather pants
Overwhelming evidence left the crime scene conclusive
The fugitive they were seeking, wasn't that elusive
Then it gets confusing, because the detective gave him cash
"You killed him as agreed, Jugganaut, here's the other half"

next weapon: meat hook

Half dead platoon leader but woken by enemy heaters
Jugganaut on the block blast shots at all retreaters - Holocaust

In the melting pot, felt the shot heard 'round the world
We unstoppable like Jugganaut baby girl - Meth

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