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Death of Spike Spiegel
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Default Re: Official Freestyle Thread

my hollow rounds silence the noses of you niggas actin bloodhound
to be down, no life for real, so some become a full time net clown
to be around, you must be consistent on the mic, let alone text shit
niggas love to portray the addict, for sypathetic issues and run quick
due to the fact that some just need attention outside for their safety
so they won't have to turn off the safety and let bullets dance gracefully
so many portray the role of tommy, most are as dumb as cole
this beef is like a "martin" sitcom, just waitin to get old
this mold u grow can only show your bitchness will be exposed
not directly, but maybe behind your back snakes will impose
smiling in ya face, beggin for grace, but they just want the pot of your gold
then niggas get lucky when they see the size of the four four, trigger so bold
my point is, to be exact you must subtract the negative goal
get off the S.T.D ridden dick that will expose what you show
the childish act of a michael jackson kid who just was attacked
to be exact, i don't even want to mediate with you cats
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