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thinking about it eye gotta admit its either that black kinky haired prophet Isa(Yashua Ben Yosef, Jesus, the Messiah as stated in the Quran) or that the Son of Abdullah, the one who's life was saved by a spider, Muhammad.....

but whom is most influential?

bear in mind a TRUE christian IS a TRUE muslim...there is no difference

but dealing with the "so called's"....

om gonna have to go with Muhammad just off the simple fact that the so called Christians have a much filthier history than the so called Muslims....just a simple comparison beetween european christians who didn't take baths and Muslims who clean themselves at various times during the day......yeah the Muslims have done sum dirt but at least they got hygene

and shit take Prof Zoo for instance....eye mean he is the worst thing eye have ever ceen at wutang-corp......he makes Ladies Love Cool Dan and the Shaolin Asssassin look like Huey Newton and Little Bobby Hutton
and yaw know it too.....horrible...terrible..

since so called Christians seem to take the cake when it comes to evil om gonna have to say Muhammad is the most influential.....

Muhammad was more down to earth than Jesus so people can relate to him better as use his example.....Jesus gave away all that he had and really living in places like North America today being poor is a motherfuckin health hazard....particularily in Urban and Suburban least in the country you got the spring time and summer plants that one could easily live off of for free.....but in the urban enviorment, giving away all you have would literally create a hell on earth...bathing in public restrooms, sensory deprivation, poor food quality, water fountain water

people worshipped Jesus like a God in his time which he didn't want but scripture diluters drunk of Jesus blood like Prof Z will continue to do so

right here at wutang corp you can first hand witness how the Gods chastize those who go against him...he got a picture of Jesus that looks like Scott Bao with a beard...

no bullshitting you know you have never ceen anything so bad as Prof Z

eye can feel his evil creeping through the computer screen

drunk off the bloood of Jesus
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