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Originally Posted by MasterDanMuhammad View Post
I think that both Jews and Arabs, and perhaps all religions, are founded on well-meaning principles. However, I feel those principles are often exploited and bastardized by certain people and factions.

As far as the Jewish people, I don't really believe in the religious aspect, nor am I active in any sort of Jewish culture. HOwever, I still recognize Judaism as part of heritage, and have a certain pride in who I am.

As far as Arabs/Muslims, I have a lot of respect for the piousness, righteousness, and devotion that a majority of them see to posess. However, I do think that their leaders have created a lot of problems.

Of course, I am an AMerican, and biased by my culture. Also, who put most of these corrupt leaders in power...?

I also think that average Jews throughout the world are associated by others with Israeli hardliners, and that regular Muslims are often associated by others with extremists.
Definitely, Zionists and elitists have damaged the Jewish people just as Extremists have damaged the reputation of the Arabs.

Do you have many Arab friends? I wouldn't call piousness and righteousness typical Arab traits, devotion definitely. Hospitality, Intelligence and awareness suits the bill a bit more.

I would love to know how the Jewish family structure works, you know qualities you share, morals, teachings passed on and such.

Expand my Judaic knowledge a bit, you feel me.
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