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Originally Posted by Black Man
Let the Ancestors Speak: Removing the Veil of Mysticism from Medu Netcher by Ankh Mi Ra

lol want's $175 for that used book.
anywayz "medu netcher" looks like it's a differently spelled "metu neter" of which I own 3 books on.
looking at reviews of the book it seems it is a grammar book on the language of kemet.....not sure what it could possibly teach me of what I was asking. That's just an assumption tho.

I'm aware that it's a 'grammar' book, but how else are you going to know and understand what they wrote? What a word is, what it means, how it's actually used.

Do you know what Kemet means? How that word functions (in that society)? How it's spelled?

Kemet is NOT referring to the people and how they identified themselves, and you would know this if you had some insight into their language.

Originally Posted by Black Man

I've probably read and seen some of those videos you've seen, and at one I refered to that place, time, and people as kemet but proper education always corrects errors.

Off the top of my head I can't think of any books for you, there's quite a few though. What helped me was learning the 'real/true' meaning of words.

Those books on Maat are a good foundation because it gives you insight into their society which was a society of peace literally. Most people today can't see that because all they know is the world ruled by the devil. That's how they see life, through his eyes so some people can't concieve the truth about black people. Yeah, some of these people are black people too.

I know this - I own about 6 books all dealing with Maat
including Maat: The 11 Laws of God
idk why you'd say they didn't produce anything when they produced & maintained a society built upon peace for several thousand years. Among other things.

Egyptians didnt' produce Maat, that came before the Egyptians. The Egyptians didn't build and maintain a society rooted in peace for several thousands of years. This is where Understanding is needed because you using Egypt and Kemet (although this isn't the right term) as if they're interchangeable and they're not. The Egyptians didn't build pyramids, they didn't build the Giza Platue complex, that's not the Egyptians.

The society of the Egyptians came after the civilizaion of the Hpy (Nile) Valley. You're taking credit away from the actual makers and giving ownership of what they accomplished to the egyptians and that's an error.

I will get you some references though as soon as I can.

Egypt.....that's Greece or derived from a greek word. There was no place called Egypt when the Pharoahs (a pharoah is NOT the same as a king) ruled. That's not what they called THEIR HOME! Egyptian is not what the people called themselves that came from the greeks.

When original people were building pyramids the colored man was still in the caves.....they saw a civilization already at it's height and probably more accurately already in decline yet still ill is f*ck. They didn't see the process from knowledge to born they only saw the finished product, otherwise they would KNOW when it was built, how it was built, by whom were they built, etc. etc. but they DON'T KNOW because they weren't here!

Most people ACCEPT what they say (egyptologist) on FACE VALUE when their sh*t don't add up.

The history they write is WRONG!!! They're still searching, but for you they tell you this is what it is instead you should listen to the authors and find out what they have to say.

In general white people teach and start history with egypt as the oldest, this is because that's all they know first hand. The people they called Egyptians will tell you there was somebody here before them! It was those people who the so-called egyptians or the so-called people of kemet got their Culture.

When did America become America? Is that what the Indigenous people called that land? What did the Olmec call it? They called it America or was it something else?

What's now called Italy, wasn't it called Rome at one time? Wasn't that time BEFORE it was called Italy?

Egypt doesn't even sound like the language spoken or used by the people. Look at the language THEN and look at what its called now and see if it matches.

Most people reject what I say because they don't know, they take what they're told on face value.

Most people think MAN is only 6 or 7 thousand years old.

When people talk about finding 'bones' they say the oldest are about 1-2 million years old......they've already documented a long time ago bones being over 20 million years old. Don't let their latin confuse you about who's who and what's what.

When it comes to war if you study history thoroughly you'll find WAR beginning about 10,000 years ago, prior to that there was NO WAR!
that Egypt isn't the proper name for Kemet is common knowledge to anybody who is remotely interested in Kemet.

Calling it Kemet is still wrong and anybody who is remotelly studying that history knows that too.

and a lot of this had nothing to do with what I asked.

Understanding comes in time. It very much has something to do with what you're asking.

- I don't trust nor take "egyptologists" words on face value about history the same way as you.

But that's exactly what you're showing.

like I said, I have several books on Kemet by very credible authors -
metu neter 1, 2, & 3
maat the 11 laws of god
maat kemetic soulism

What makes them credible authors? Not saying they're not, but everything in those books are not right and exact, because they lack an understanding of the knowledge that was preserved at that period in time by the original man.

maybe and probably the Kemetians actually did learn from an earlier civilization - that still doesn't mean, nor have I ever seen any reasonable proof - that they didn't build pyramids and the sphinx.

Understanding comes in time.

Pay attention to what's being said to you. When did I say the 'kemetians' didn't build the pyramids or the sphinx? You're NOT paying attention to what's being said, and that's going to hinder you getting the understanding.

I said the Egyptians didn't build those things, they were already complete by the time Egypt or Egyptians ever existed. Just like they were built BEFORE the united states had a black president. Obama wasn't around to see washington d.c. get built, he came after. This is the same thing with the pyramids and the egyptians.

You come across in a way that says because the same land was being occupied the same people, culture, and history is also the same and that's not the case.

The egyptians were a different people, they had a different history, culture/society, law etc. etc. from the people of the Hpy (Nile) Valley Civilization.

just because there were people on that land before them doesn't mean they couldn't produce anything of their own in the same way we do today.

Never said that was the case, but I'm not going to give credit to alexeder for building the pyramids when they were already there when him and his army got there. They were already there when the name Egypt was being applied to that society.

And I never said the people of the Hpy (Nile) Valley Civilization got their culture from a people who occupied the same land BEFORE them. I said they got their culture from a people/society/culture who came BEFORE them. I said nothing about the land they settled.

so you're saying the pyramids were there before the civilization of kemet - meaning none of them were actually built to house dead kings??

Understanding comes in time.

The people who built the pyramids (there's more pyramids outside of egypt than in egypt go figure and the ones outside of egypt were built 1st) NEVER had kings, nor was it a house for the dead. <- That's a european thing and that comes from their lack understanding.

Life and death have no partnership.

I don't refer to any society or civilization as kemet. I know and understand that civilization as the people refered to it as and that's the Hpy (Nile) Valley Civilization. They are pyramid builders, not the egyptians.

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