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very good points. While I believe in the divinity of jesus christ it is important to put aside one's own prejudice and emotion aside and analyze things. You are right, Constantine did seek to unify the official roman religion and "erase" all ties to Judaism. The Edict of Milan of 313 AD. was the document declaring Christianity legal but it was not until Theodosius in 390 AD. that declared Christianity the official religion of the Roman Empire. Many scholars, especially Edward Gibbon in his book Decline & Fall of the Roman Empire will argue that this conversion and abandonment of traditional pagan roman beliefs led to Rome's downfall but that's a different topic.
It is also true that the founders of Christianity did not intend for it to be what it is now. In fact, they had no clue that it would be what it is.
I'm not sure about your claim that it was the Romans who added or took away from the Scriptures to make Jesus more god-like. What i do know is that the very Gospels themselves (before any Roman intervention) already show an interesting contradiction. Contrary to common belief, Mark is known now to be the oldest of the Gospels. After which comes Mathew, Luke, and finally John. This order is attributed to the fact that Mathew "borrows" about 90% of Mark. Luke uses 50%. Mark has no birth story and portrays Jesus in his final years. Mathew introduces the virgin birth and portrays him more human. Luke is the popular x-mas story since it is soft and reader-friendly. John by far is the most mystical portrayal of Jesus.
The Gospels are believed the come from an unknown "source" book called Q or Quelle.

Also check out the variations of the crucifixion ending.
Mark & a Mathew ------"Father why have you forsaken me?"
Luke --------"Father, into thy hands I commit my spirit"
John-----------"It is finished"
Interesting how they don't exactly flow or agree with one another.
While I don't rule out the possibility that Rome had something to do with much of the "mutation" of the original Scripture, I don't think they had everything to do with it.
Nonetheless, an excellent post Shaolin Assassin.Sometimes in order to find the truth, we must question our own beliefs.
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