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Giflord shaolin monk

Its kinda hard to describe, but all the orgininality they had was largely due to the way they saw the world due to being appart of the nation of gods and earths.

An example:

The whole kung fu shit, and shoalin in general. RZA drew up a parallel between how these east asians would train their body and mind in a shaolin temple to learn kung fu. If there was a master in the village it was implied that he was infact of a higher intelligence level due to being so disciplined that he was able to master his art. someone with an "85" type mentality would not have been able to be so skilled.

RZA took this training mentallity and applied it to the other side of the world in the ghetto. He took n**gas minds to the "shaolin temple" where they would train and elevate themselves and learn "kung fu".

There are prob many more examples but in general, the elevated consciousness possed by these 5% "kung fu" masters gave them site to create beats, rhymes and visuals that could not be matched by typical "85s". Ive been listening to them for over 10 years and still find new meanings/jewels in songs that ive heard hundreds of times.

Thats just the way i cee it.

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