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Children bullying each other is natural. It's going to happen. It's unfortunate, but true. Always remember that a bully won't bully you if he has to fight you every time he does. So if your child is upset cuz he is being bullied, tell him to punch the fucker in the face the next time he says anything cross to him. They may get suspended from school, or take one hell of an ass whippin, but I have found in my experience that NO bullies will bully someone who will fight back. Regardless of the outcome of the fight, they will leave the kid alone after it. Don't let your kids get harrassed like that. Kids who get bullied, and never say anything back, or punch the niggas that do it, are the ones who grow up to serial killers if they make it through school without taking guns to school and killin everyone they can. Much rather my son get suspended for a few days, and earn respect than put up with it become insane over it.
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