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No more argument, this dart is an ardent artistic disarmament/
part call-to-arms, part stark darkness to a Holy Ark parliament/
designed to spark alarm in charlatans, impartin scars to cartilage/
carvin a mark in ya heart so large you could park cars in it/
the carnage is hardened on garden variety garbage and piety/
tied inside the fiery sparks of irony that start in societies/
where heart and sobriety are trumped by lust, anger and greed/
the trifecta of iniquity, ubiquity becomes vacancy and need/
agencies impede, people concede to propaganda academics/
food stamps, section eight and wic til we get overdependant/
a paradoxical epidemic that we spread on to our descendants/
teen women regularly pregnant with yet another ghetto tenant/
so my every sentence is penance, repentance for my disregard/
I know shit gets hard for my babymamas, so in this regard/
I apologize for the hollow lies and all the time in prison yards/
I coulda spent wit my seeds insteada smokin trees and livin hard/
my decisions scarred my kids, forced to live years fatherless/
my hard ass stayed down, had to drown to learn what water is/
intolerance for authority forcin me to continue the cycle/
listen to Michael, it ain’t no sunshine but my vision is viable/
driven to rifles, prison and Bibles, arisen as titles in my journal/
givin kernals of truth in the booth against hell’s eternal inferno/
me and my colonels is nocturnal, night owls buyin White Owls/
goons with gold grills and scowls hidden under white towels/
tryin to escape Sodom before autumn, it’s cold at the bottom/
downtrodden and rotten, my belief’s become old and forgotten/
I’m hopin I gotten further from the burdens that been searchin me/
only God can judge me but I’m scared what will his verdict be...
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