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444trumpets drunken masta444trumpets drunken masta
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Yo Who Wanna Battle Trumpets On A Mission
Spread Written Scripts From The Dome Ill Bring Whispers To Your Home West Side Of The Planet Represent Killah Bee Fashion Sting
You Weak
Raps Ill Defeat With Knowledge 4 4 4 Some Get It Some Ignorant I Deleat Like Edits Reset It Change Your View I Battled Crews Without Hesitation Slap Smirks Off Faces Invasion Come With No Invitation I Walk Over Places Leave My Presence Felt Known By Magnetic Energy Forces Relieve Enemies Hate I Slay All Day Orderly Conduct
Plates Belly Full Im Eating Emcees Thats Pitiful
Trumpets War Four Corners In Position Write The Instramental Useing What Your Missing You Aint Dumb Enough To Be Dumb Weak Ones Left Body Circum To Death Trumpets
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