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Originally Posted by JIGSAW45 View Post
fuck both of yall faggits...i got plenty of confidence in my ability so u goin thru all this trouble focusin your energy on us is gay. if yall dont like pcp,u aint got to. like my nigga said we make music for us n the niggas in our circle so fuck your negative opinions cuz it aint that...its hate plain and simple. and as far as bein real,u dont fukin know either one of us on a personal to even say that corny shit. if u dont like it dont fukin listen to it cuz 4 every 1 hatin ass homo like u...its a dozen other niggaz that luv our shit...fuck you....peace
why you upset about an opinion, duke? all im saying is niggas need to just be real and advance they skill, instead of oh yeah thats hot, thats hot, thats hot, how you expect a nigga to improve? unless you truly believe the nigga is on a pedestal and just too nasty with it, but whateva dun, you can get heated, let them niggas tell you everything done is instant heat rocks.
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