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Originally Posted by MasterDanMuhammad View Post
You mean the white man's science????
no such thing, thats the beauty of science. There is no room for self interpretation in science. Its true that most scientist today are white, but all scientific facts can be proven by anyone.

Originally Posted by MasterDanMuhammad View Post
ANYWAY, I agree with the hypothesis that the first humans had dark skin. However, you, and most of the people in those pictures are most likely no GENETICALLY closer to them than anybody else alive today.
Maybe not genetically closer, but the genetic diversity of African people is unmatched by any other group, this is a fact.

Originally Posted by MasterDanMuhammad View Post
Genetically, people all across the color spectrum are virtually identical.
SCIENTIFICALLY, race is a man-made concept created to physically differentiate based on completely superficial qualities.
Not really, nor is this wrong. Original people (Africans) gentic diversity is much greater than those that are not. This means original people are better at fighting diseases adapting to different environments etc...
Keep in mind 98-99% of our DNA is identical to chimps
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