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Default Re: lets talk AL & NL MVPs

Originally Posted by LHX
andruw jones average too low

maybe miguel cabrera off the marlins and i guess you gotta talk pujols or maybe even chris carpenter off st. louis

darkhorse: carlos lee off the brewers

fuck thats tough
michael young?

i dont wanna say anybody off the red sox or yanks

its gonna be tight

yeah but regardless of average, its all about who is the most valuable to their team...if it wasnt for jones, then the braves wouldnt even be in contention for their 14th straight division title...but if you want to look at it on an individual basis, then check out his power numbers, and the fact that he's the best center fielder of the games with, i might add, 1/5 of the errors pujols has, at a HARDER position.
if pujols wasnt there, then the cards would still be contenders.
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