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God is the Original Man. The primordial man, the first physical vehicle for God's immanent presence on Earth was a Black body. Throughout the universe Blackness prevails as the origin of all things. black body radiation, Black holse, and the presence of melanin in space tell us a great deal. The first 'humans' of course were Black. Today the Black Man is found throughout the Earth in a variety of shades and hues. Many of them are natural descendants of the original Black genotype while others are admixtures resulting from the miscegenation with whites. Who are whites then? Paul Lawrence Guthrie in Making of the Whiteman documents the creation and exile of the white race, documents the creation and exile of the white race who would forever change the course of human and social development on the planet. Numerous theories abound as to the origins of the white race, none of them entirely plausible. The vast differences between white people and Black people could only result from selective breeding as Darwin noted, not from any evolutionary process. And certainly not simply due to cold weather as African Presence in Early Europe by Ivan Van Sertima documents the presence of Blacks having lived in arctic regions for thousands of years without their skin lightening. At any rate the statement of Black Godhood is a positive statement and one of affirmation, not of condemnation of other people.
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