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Default Re: lets talk AL & NL MVPs

Originally Posted by ballistic
yeah but regardless of average, its all about who is the most valuable to their team...if it wasnt for jones, then the braves wouldnt even be in contention for their 14th straight division title...but if you want to look at it on an individual basis, then check out his power numbers, and the fact that he's the best center fielder of the games with, i might add, 1/5 of the errors pujols has, at a HARDER position.
if pujols wasnt there, then the cards would still be contenders.
yo man

those are good points

its just tough looking at that low average

on the real tho - 50 homeruns in a post-steroid league is pretty incredible

and without that contribution then ATL would get hurt a bit

i got a feelin tho that the braves roster could die in a plane crash and bobby cox would still some how trick a roster of retards to play well enuf to get into the post season

i agree with what you say about pujols too

thats why i kind of lean toward cabrera
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