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Default Re: * 'Tiger stripes' found on Saturn moon *

Originally Posted by Princerai
lol gangsta 4 sure :P

man but i can feel that we are balanced through a blak hole..
though while dats our balance.. our galaxy itself is mastered by the sun for the moment

all i was suggesting was that the end for our planet does not necesarily mean the engulfing of the earth into the sun..rather a black hole which may interrupt our balance of galaxy..

peace n blessingz
the galaxy isnt mastered by our sun, theres billions upon billions upon billions of suns out there!!!!

but yes our SOLAR SYSTEM is "mastered" by our sun, the sun is what keeps big ass astroids from outside out solar system away and gives it heat, u know hot hot that sun is to be millions and millions miles away and cook our planet up to over 100 degrees in some

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