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Originally Posted by James Crow ESQ View Post
blackness is not limited to sub saharah.

this boy must think that the desert is a magic skin bleaching land that will micheal jackson you when you cross it. even tho the conditions in north africa may even be more suitable for black skin.
asia, the americas, pacific rim, Ossyland all have/had black people.

whats your point?

Originally Posted by SUNNY WINTERS View Post
the black man limited to a continent ?

nah man
yes they are.
Originally Posted by Slim T View Post
Dammit, I don't know what I'd give to be as smart as y'all.
i know right

on first read, you would think the first post was stupid but then every black person on here came in to talk about how they were from the pacific islands.

Stylemaster once said he was from madagascar when those ppl are filipino looking.

but yeah, black americans are the biggest pack of losers in the history on humanity and its soooooo sad.

you ask asains they'll tell you they're frm asia
you ask white ppl, europe
you ask puerto ricans and they'll show you their puerto rico tattoo

you ask black ppl they'll tell you
australia, pacific islands, the deserts of africa where no slaves werre taken and even the black ppl there hate black ppl and don't consider thenselves black,
egypt, which is arab and probably the most racist county in the world to black by far
ethiopia, which had black slaves and dont consider themselves black
israel, LMAO
mecca, Lazwllzl
an alien space ship named Ian
the 'original nation' which was somewhere in india
and when they're from africa they say they're east or south african when there was literally no slaves taken from the regions they speak of that were taken to the us if you dont count Angola

black americans. your from the coasts of west and central africa.
your women and fat and ugly and don't know how to behave
your men are stupid and have no diginity
your not a israeli
jesus didn't look like you
white ppl will never like you
your going to die alone

with all these predestant Ls in your bloodstream (which sucks), why would you start telling ppl your from somewhere that you're clearly not.


I've notice black ppl even lie about where they're from in the US.
Stylemaster is from some place call Green something, not even a suburb of atlanta, and says he's from atlanta


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