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Default Re: * 'Tiger stripes' found on Saturn moon *

Originally Posted by TeknicelStylez
Damn I really need to get my research from my grandmothers house so I can build with yall, theres something called Dark Energy or Dark Matter out there, this massive force that basically disproves most of our scientific theories about space, it makes our equations off by an extremely large number. Idk I'm going back to the hood tommorow when I come back I'll have shit ready to build with yall.
dark matter is similar to the string theory, but the string theory is based on 11 demensions, but what dark matter is, its somthing that cant be detected, not by any sense that we know of, but what dark matter its somthing like gravity that holds everything together, not just pull down liek gravity, its a lot strong but actually holds space and everything together

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