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I like the new NIN - WITH TEETH........its a very solid album.........TRENT REZNOR is like a 40 year old man, he is not as angry as he used to be, WITH TEETH is a more mature song-based it as good as PHM.....nope, is it a very good record, yes!

REZNOR is a genius.....anyone who has an apreciation for beat making or production has to have a level of respect for him......his beats are crazy, they always have alot of shit going on in them, that you can hear after repeated RZA in that regard

Originally Posted by MartyMar
i think with teeth kind of sucks. i mean, that one song is good, the one they played on the radio all the time, but for as long as he takes to put shit out i thought he could have done better, unless of course he meant for it to have more of an experimental tone, then i would have to withdraw my initial statement that it sucks, and say that it's okay but just not me. i love PHM though. haven't listened to any other albums of his.
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