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Default Re: * 'Tiger stripes' found on Saturn moon *

Originally Posted by PHI.1.618
Exactly how much of the Universe is in the form of dark matter is a mystery & difficult to determine, obviously because it's not visible. It has to be inferred by its gravitational effects on the luminous matter in the Universe(stars and gas) and is usually expressed as mass-to-luminosity ratio (M/L). A high M/L indicates lots of dark matter, a low M/L indicates that most of the matter is in form of baryonic matter .
yeh common sense will tell you that, but its EVERYWHERE, and we know this, another thing what dark matter can be is a blackhole, where so much of it is stored in oen spot, thats why u cant really see and black hole from the bottom, thats even if it has a bottom, and thats why everything gets desenigrated inside cause thers so much of it, and like when i sun explodes, that force there could mix with the already strong force of dark matter and create a blackhole ya know, if not the the sun just turns into a dwarf, where every pebble on its surface wieghs 100's of tons, yeh wierd huh, but these are just my theorys and somthing to think about too

EDIT: nvm i take that back, black holes odnt have ntohing to do with Dark Matter, i just thought about it some more, and darkmatter is like a sheet so to say thats layed over our universe

and i was also wrong abour black holes, because what a black whole is its a tiny itty bitty microscopic partical thats just that strong with that force it creats and hole in time or space or whatever itself and starts to leak and pull everything in and nothing survives, not even light, thats why there call black holes, but i learned once i school that there are white holes, and ima bout to go look it up on google, and post some pics, some peopel dont elive me there are whiteholes

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