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We spoke on marriage more than we did the miscarriage/
you disparaged my parenthood, that should be apparent/
our parenting’s inherent, yet you was aberrant with my seeds/
errant when you decreed I wasn’t caring for your needs/
cuz I’m carin for my daughter, she’s the heiress to my creed/
but you the Paris to my Leeds, like Polaris thru night trees/
the terrace on my eaves, and I cherished the nights we’ve/
laid barest on white sheets, sharin where our lives lead/
but you was unfair and naive to believe demon’s whispers/
the decrees of evil sistas who wish they was equal wit cha/
yo disbelief burnt my blood but my soul was even crisper/
I ran that path for you fast til my feet was deep wit blisters/
now I clean my whiskers wit the pumice of dead promise/
left guardless in a empty bed cuz I left a misled goddess/
to be honest, yo lack of modesty is what destroyed it all/
I stayed thru summer but yo pride came before the fall...

Things fall apart, like cheap cars and soft hearts/
things fall apart, like relationships wit false starts/
things fall apart, like arguments fulla smart remarks/
things fall apart, but it take heart to turn chaos into art...

We spoke on my babymamas more than we did commitment/
we didn’t keep persistent, intent on perfection this instant/
some days we was distant, indignant but still sexual/
ate you on blankets like a picnic, this dick was the best for you/
the sex was more than sensual, consensual, unconventional/
I paid special attention to the tension thru ya midsection, boo/
e’erytime was intentional, never choose to use protection, too/
both us hopin that potentially a pregnancy would be eventual/
it’s incomprehensible, the depths of hell to which we’ve fell/
I’m at a motel, hoes wavin they Nextel, waitin to exhale/
makin my next sell, evadin a wet cell, but jail is all I see/
break bread wit all my three, on a quaint bed wit Paul by me/
I shake when ya name come on my call ID, I’m trippin/
I’m gettin guap tippin, but it’s not worth how I’m livin/
givin up, slippin, gettin up, since prison I ain’t risen up/
might as well live it up, if we quittin then I don’t give a fuck...

We spoke on the future more than we did the present/
I was more incessant, nevertheless it’s a mutual lesson/
today is a beautiful present, let’s try to live in this time/
I was blind to errors of mine, boo, but to forgive is divine/
lemme give it to you while I’m out here gettin what’s mine/
the time’s prime, I’m grindin so ain’t no time to sit in a line/
I know you miss my kiss and the way that I hit from behind/
I miss how you would lick ya lips when you twistin a dime/
I miss bein able to grip ya behind, sit and sip on some wine/
layin on top of you, face to face with our fists intertwined/
let’s sign on the dotted line and reconnect what’s broken/
this time it’s all or nuthin, not a concern goes unspoken/
blunt smokin, can you remember “Us against the world”/
the next chapter’s unfurled, it’s everything after my girl/
I’m askin you to meet me halfway, I need you in a bad way/
let’s be strong on bad days and keep from fallin on the pathway...
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