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Guarded By Martyrs Iron Lungs (Fists of Legend)Guarded By Martyrs Iron Lungs (Fists of Legend)Guarded By Martyrs Iron Lungs (Fists of Legend)Guarded By Martyrs Iron Lungs (Fists of Legend)Guarded By Martyrs Iron Lungs (Fists of Legend)Guarded By Martyrs Iron Lungs (Fists of Legend)Guarded By Martyrs Iron Lungs (Fists of Legend)Guarded By Martyrs Iron Lungs (Fists of Legend)Guarded By Martyrs Iron Lungs (Fists of Legend)Guarded By Martyrs Iron Lungs (Fists of Legend)Guarded By Martyrs Iron Lungs (Fists of Legend)

This Earth Was Cursed Once Blood Flooded It's Dry Dirt
Leaving Us Submersed With Hurt And Unable To Convert
Not For Honour Nor Justice Or The Traits Of The Corruptless
This Ministry Marked The Deck, With An Uncontrolled Substance
The Definition Of The Chain Of Command Is The Unseen Hand
Which Spread Across The Land, With Intentions To Expand
And This Grand Plan Has Now Reached As Far As It Is Able To Scan
The Strong Have Reached Their Limit, This Is All They Can Withstand
Gone Are The Days Of Sacred Ways I'm Afraid
We Have Become Slaves To This New World's Age
Chose Wrong Instead Of Right Felt Betrayed By The Light
And Left In The Dark Deranged, Where The Religious No Longer Pray
But Slay Without Delay, Humans See Each other As Prey, No Distinction Is Made
Try Hide In A Cave You Can't Get Away From This Gothic Parade
Patrolled By Brigades Where Blood Serenades Severed Brains On The Pave
Of Kids Who Play With Grenades Enslaved To The Wicked Ways We Paved
Some Would Once Say :
"Our Dark Past Will Lead To A Bright Future"
How Wrong They Were, False Claims Went Unheard
Kids Angry At The Absurd Words Slurred By The Drunk On The Curb
Shot In The Face Clutching A Wine Filled Vase, And Got Put In His Place
By The Disturbed, Cos Actions Speak Louder Than Words
The Youth Were Once Regarded As The Truth
Once Told They Could Do Anything They Choose
Now We Reap The Seeds We So Sadistically Sow
For In This Hellhole, Children Carry The Only Halos
Yet Fail To Grow, In Mind Body And Soul...Due To
The Residue Spawning A New Disease Called Birth Flu
This Desolate Future Where The Young Live On Computers
Or Walk The Street With Blade-Gloves Like Freddy Kruger
That'll Rip Right Through Ya Like A Hot Ice-Cream Scooper
The Weak Lack Technique To Compete, So Stay Clutchin' Rugers
Fear The Real Gears Of War Kids Who Live For Removing Medulas
This Marks The Time When Marksmen Become Mere Shooters
Backing Girls Down Dark Alleys Performing Forced Karma Sutras
Left Abandoned, Streets Filled With Rapists, Murderers & Vandals
No One Left To Make An Example, In This Understandable Test
Failed To Impress And Left To Wander Till They Rest At Their New Address
Bra Stretched No Caress, They Suck The Last Breath Out Of Dignity's Chest
Imagine A Time Where All Have Bent Spines And Stay Bitter Like Lime
With No Belief In The Divine Left Forsaken Till The End Of Time
Where The Tears Of Lying And The Blood Of Crime Combine
Resembling The Colour Of Swine, Now Seen As A Delicacy To Dine
As Cannibalism Extends Outside Of Prisons And Intertwines, With The System
Controlling Minds, In This World Where As A Child, I Was Told Would Once Be Mine
The Rebellion Came Too Late Forever Sealing Or Fate, Build & Destroy Destroy & Rebuild
While Diamond-Wire Puppet Strings Sever Innocent Targets Like A Cruel Assassins Guild
The Unfulfilled Wield A Weapon Of Legend That Some Say Was Sent From Heaven
To Ask Questions About The Crop Circles In The Fields And The UFO's Concealed
Spare No Exception, Bare No Expression, Closed Minds To Myths & Legends
That Are Stocked And Locked Away To Stay Forever Sealed
As The Puppet Digresses, Endless Ammos Given To The Reckless
In This World Precious Where Mankind Holds No Amendments
You Fail To Learn From The Apprentice, Wise Words Spoken No Incentive
Movements & Gestures That Are Silent And Blind, Read A Line In Your Mind
And You'll Receive A Deaf Sentence, As There Are No More Judges
Conducted By The Intrusted-Control-Lusted, The Ones Who Sussed It
Who Have Dismantled The Trussets Of Justice, The Unseen Accomplis Dusted
No One Like Atlas Amongst Us, The Strain Was Too Much For His Clutches
So He's Walking To Mars On Crutches, While Mad Men Load Heavy Artillery Muskets
Smoking Forests Like Dutches, The Search Goes On For A Whore That Blushes
Every Soldiers Gun Works Firing Berzerk, But They All Hold A Broken Compass
Streets No Longer Safe To Walk Anymore, The Aftermath Of The Atrocities Of War
Hit Home Like Blood Soaked Shores And Scores Upon Scores Of Limbs Shot Off And Torn
Cry For The Babies Being Born, Orphans Are The Correct Term For Them Now, The Norm
With No One To Care For, They're Like The Last Pawn On A Bloodstained Cheesboard
Corporate Kings Who Sit On Their Throne Sending Knights Overseas To Battles Unknown
Where Daughters Are Slaughtered And Sons Are Hung, Facing A Loaded Gun
Sanctuary Offered By The Poor, But From The Well Fed There Is None
Let Us Peek Into What Is Coming...
The Shunning Of Loving, Loneliness-Cuddling-Nothing
Queues For Abortion No Choosing Conforming To Adoring
Forgotten What It Sounded Like To Hear A Child Sing
Replaced With Screams Of Hymns Sung By Earthling Cherubims
See The Devils Grin In The Reflection Of The Eyes That Sin
The Day You Don't...You'll Know That It Is Now Time To Begin...

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