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Default Killa Sin - Deadly Sinz (Mixtape/Discography)

Killa Sin - Deadly Sinz (Mixtape)

01) Killa Sin Dressed to Kill (Verse)
02) Killa Sin And Justice For All (Ft. RZA & Method Man)
03) Killa Sin Burning Season (Ft. 9th Prince)
04) Killa Sin Soul In The Hole (Ft. Timbo King & Tekitha)
05) Killa Sin Soldiers Of Darkness (Verse)
06) Killa Sin Universal Soldiers (Verse)
07) Killa Sin Have Mercy (Ft. La the Darkman)
08) Killa Sin Real Live Shit (Ft. Ghostface & Cappadonna)
09) Killa Sin Moaning (Ft. Killah Priest)
10) Killa Sin Full Moon (Verse)
11) Killa Sin Swinging Swords (Verse)
12) Killa Sin La Rhumba (Ft. RZA & Method Man)
13) Killa Sin Young Godz (Verse)
14) Killa Sin War Face (Verse)
15) Killa Sin Heist of the century (Ft. La The Darkman)
16) Killa Sin Fair, Love, War (Verse)
17) Killa Sin Spazzola (Ft. Method Man, Raekwon & Inspectah Deck)
18) Killa Sin Wake Up (Verse)
19) Killa Sin 9th Chamber (Ft. Inspectah Deck, Streetlife & La the Darkman)
20) Killa Sin Dart Tournament (Ft. Blue Raspberry)
21) Killa Sin - The Cookout (Verse)
22) Killa Sin - Galactics (Verse)
23) Killa Sin - The Shoot Out (Verse)
24) Killa Sin - Wu-Tang Line Up (Ft. Method Man, Raekwon & Inspectah Deck)
25) Killa Sin - 5 Stages of Consciousness (Verse)
26) Killa Sin - Hood Life (Ft. Masta Killa)
27) Killa Sin - Framed (Ft. Inspectah Deck & Kool G Rap)
28) Killa Sin - Monster (Verse)
29) Killa Sin - Where I Rest At (Verse)
30) Killa Sin - Feel It (Verse)
31) Killa Sin - Giant Size (Ft. Raekwon)
32) Killa Sin - Wu-Renegades (Verse)
33) Killa Sin - Pain (Verse)
34) Killa Sin - Whatever We Want (Verse)
35) Killa Sin - Strawberry (Ft. Ghostface)
36) Killa Sin - Lay Down (Verses)
37) Killa Sin - The Worst (Ft. Raekwon)
38) Killa Sin - Street Monopoly (Verse)
39) Killa Sin - The Bronzeman (Verse)
40) Killa Sin - East MC's (Ft. Masta Killa)
41) Killa Sin - Murder Venue (Verse)
42) Killa Sin - Gunz N Razors (Ft. Ghostface)
43) Killa Sin - The Rule (Verse)
44) Killa Sin - War Games (Verse)
45) Killa Sin - Fools (Ft. RZA)
46) Killa Sin - Serving Justice (Ft. Dom Pachino)
47) Killa Sin - Not Enuff Godz (Verse)
48) Killa Sin - Power Cypha Freestyle (Ft. Inspectah Deck)
49) Killa Sin - Flame Throwerz (Verse)
50) Killa Sin - Pete Rock & Marley Marl Freestyle (Verse)
51) Killa Sin - Killarmy Freestyle (Verse)
52) Killa Sin - Stop The Breaks (Ft. Raekwon, KRS-One & Notorious B.I.G.)


This is his entire discography, to my knowledge.

I trimmed down many of the songs, in order to allow Sin maximum time on the mic. Also, all of the Killarmy songs are (verse) only, except for Serving Justice with Dom Pachino, because the edit was too difficult to execute.

I left off:
Blazing Saddles - the beat is wack and his verse is lackluster and short.
and Cuttin It Up - because he only spits 4 bars towards the end.

I also left off:
Dancing With Wolves, Xzibit Killa Sin Freestyle, Killa Sin Freestyle and Terrorist, because he already spit those verses on better beats.

I don't have: Killarmy - Execution and Total Control - Ride With A G. He apparently has verses on these two songs, but I can't find them anywhere.

Hope you enjoy this, it needed to be done, Killa Sin is the fucken truth!
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