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My eyes close, time froze my soul like a sublime blindfold/
I undergo exposure of lies told on my own unkind road/
came from the cold caves to the place where my soul’s saved/
I’ve wrote plays since birth and the earth is my whole stage/
I don’t age, matured since the old days of Smith n Wesson/
cocaine and road rage, I was a sold slave to imperfection/
a livin lesson, a legend in my own rite, like a dim reflection/
of Christ on my cold plight, that’s why I spit aggression/
my soul’s cold, but snow white, until I get my pension/
to live in heaven for my whole life, into the fifth dimension/
in the presence of my cold wife, also my kids’ affection/
did I mention I was a lowlife, but bold like a interjection/
a slave sold at low price, owned twice by pigs inspection/
that’s where my road spliced, I had to pick which direction/
my selection was holy wealth, my soul and body’s health/
chose to be my godly self, now I can’t be nobody else...

For I am me - The one who flows to hold his soul at peace/
And I am he - The son whose known to roll his dro in Sweets/
And I was him - Whose gun he holds would blow at foes indeed/
I could’ve been - The young and bold who sold they soul to greed/
But I am me - The one who holds to Jason’s golden fleece/
When I was he - a bum who rode a vagrant’s road to Greece/
And would’ve been - Among the clones who play the roll of sheep/
But I will be - The one opposed to those who toast the beast...
Image is everything except the truth.
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