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Originally Posted by SKAM-POPE View Post
true^ but them niggaz is just rhyming, i feel the spanish language makes it waaay more difficult to rap than English.

but yea mexicano imo is in his prime, dude is sicker than most as far as lyrics go.

u heard all 3 of his diss tracks towards ur boi lol arcangel la maravilla hahahahah que fokin pato, but yea all them shits is fire.

nengo flow is ma nigga, prolly my fav rapper out now. Mexicano killed it too!
Naw you mean YOUR boy Arcangel! LOL! If you google Mangani and Arcangel you'll find all the shit I been talkin about that dude since he came on the scene!

As far as Spanish language- hell naw it ain't more difficult to rap in Spanish! It's EASIER! They just made a wack song, PERIOD!

And Mexicano is definitely NOT in his prime! He was one of the oldest cats in underground in the 90's, and he's a lot older now (37). He will always be a draw, and will always have a solid fan base as he appeals to Americans as well as Latin Americans, but there isn't a 37 year old rapper in the world who is in his prime.
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