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Originally Posted by FMJ View Post
Again, that is NOT the meaning of the story.

Originally Posted by FMJ View Post
A significant portion of the scripture should be read before understanding what it was about. So read and find out.
In order to understand something you first must know about it. Knowledge is the foundation of Understanding and if the Knowledge is incomplete there won't be an Understanding.

Originally Posted by FMJ View Post
It is NOT about "my opinion or view". It is about reading to find out the truth FOR YOURSELF.

If you read a significant amount of the bible ( the Adam & Eve story and other stories that touch on the same concepts) you should understand (for yourself) what the story is actually about.

^^Was what I typed hard to understand?
How much exactly is a significant amount? And 'what' truth is in the Bible?

The 'truth' doesn't come from a book.

Originally Posted by FMJ View Post
Opinions are not required - only facts. You want an answer to your question? I've already told you where you could find it.
Well, the bible isn't a factual book so the 'facts' won't be found there.

Telling a person to read the bible isn't helping them. Do you not realize how many people read the bible daily and still are stuck on stupid?
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