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I'm against the tide here tonight.. on my own and have to manage
cause im in virgin territory... and bam's got the home advantage
u nice but I'm meaner you'd best believe this prick's a dreamer
Coz they say life's a bitch.. and this guy ain't got neither
dont test the illest style, cuz im the best at spittin, while
your just a pedophile who tries to molest his inner child
your soft 'n bland.. im out of your league, your the 'so so often brand'
and ima leave bambino'cursed like long upset boston fans
Trench Town Terrorist? please no, nah dude...
George Bush'll dress up in fatigues and go to war before YALL do.
keep duckin' me.. Bam's is hidin',i know he gots to be
but I'll keep my eye on a glass of water, in case his fatass tries to sneak up on me
fuck your life & your job, & I'm not down with seeing your trailer
n' bam's good at what he does.. I doubt it's hard being a failure
Leave the text scene a loser..and knowing he’ll place second
And lives in the same box…we used for his going away present
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