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A good album with some dope tracks, I personally liked "Word On The Street", "rec room", "the grand prix", "lovin U". I expect more from the first Deck joint cuz Deck really impressed me in the 1993-97 era. On "CREAM" his verse literally blows me every time I hear this joint. On "Triumph" or "the city" he is incredible. I understood why U God was angry against Rza. Rza really put all his artistic cleverness on the first wu solos and didn't do the same with the second range of solos (especially Deck and U God albums). I know after "forever" Rza said he knew he had to go through a year he would make weak beats. According to Raekwon (in a french hip hop magazine interview) Rza made something like 40 dope beats for forever where were these beats he didn't use for the double cd ? I wanted Rza to focus on generals solos and let wu elements worked on wu fam opus. I still don't understand why Cappadonna cd released before Deck's one (beats from pillage are really dope too far better than the ones on deck joint). Deck was an unlucky guy (the flood that destroyed Rza beats, the lack of Rza attention) because he was one of the dopest wu mcs. I think U God and Deck didn't inspire Rza at all so he gave them up.
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