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Well i apologize for what i said about ignorant black men selling drugs. Now i understand why they do. They do it because they're forced to do it to get money because they can't get a job. I believe that poor black men do apply for jobs but they don't wanna work for low pay because most of the jobs in the hood are low paying jobs. Most of the jobs in the hood are owned by immigrants and ya'll know immigrants will only have their people working for them. They just wanna make money off of poor blacks that live in the hood. White people don't understand why black men sell drugs and do other illegal things to get money. It's easy for white people in the suburbs to sleep well at night and drive their nice cars and live in their nice houses and go to work everyday making long money. They don't know what it's like for blacks to struggle everyday trying to get a job and go to poor fucked up inner city schools where blacks gotta worry about their safety.

How can white people really think that blacks are gonna get a education when they gotta worry about getting into a fight or getting shot or stabbed? I wanna apologize again for not sympathizing with poor blacks and dissing them for how they get illegal money to survive when they can't get a job. I know what it's like to work at a job getting low pay and no medical and dental benefits and doing hard work when you really don't wanna be there because you hate the job because of the work and the pay. I've been in that situation before because i've worked at several shitty low paying jobs doing hard work with no health and dental benefits and black co-workers that i hated because they were fucking with me for no reason. Now i see what hispanics and other immigrants are going through getting treated like slaves at the jobs and getting paid a shitty salary with no medical and dental benefits.

Bottom line is Barack Obama and the government need to get poor blacks jobs that pay good with medical and dental benefits. White rich people and the government don't understand why there's so much black on black crime. There's always gonna be crime in the ghetto as long as you got poor blacks that don't have good jobs and they think the only other alternative to get money when you can't find a job is doing illegal things. So to stop the violence, you have got to get poor blacks jobs. It's as simple as that and these jobs need to have job training again and stop hiring only people that are qualified for the jobs. Poor blacks that aren't working need job training too.
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